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So you ask,

What does “Homestead” mean?

The dwelling house and its adjoining land where a family resides.”

“Over the [last several] decades, the character of the term homesteading has emerged to include self-sufficient living in urban and suburban settings as well as on rural acreage.”

As modern day homesteaders, we aim to pursue a simpler lifestyle with the intent of living as self-sufficiently as possible. As beekeepers, our goal is to network with our fellow “beeks” and help “newbees” get a balanced and insightful introduction into the world of the bees. We aren’t professionals. Just simple people hoping to pass on what we’ve learned and share our successes and failures along the way.

Our homesteading journey began nearly a decade ago with a handful of baby chicks and a yearning to get back to the ways of our grandparents. Later that same year we welcomed the addition of 2 honeybee colonies and a small vegetable garden. We’ve grown a lot since then and we are still learning as we go. Each year, we strive to expand our Homestead in new ways with the ultimate goal of becoming more self-reliant.

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