Severt Hives and Homestead- A family hobby farm and apiary in Northern Ohio

Offering Ohio raised and over-wintered honeybee colonies and queens, as well as live honeybee removal and mentoring services. Check out our blog for a peek into not only our apiaries but also snippets about life on our hobby farm and Homestead.


The “Severt Hives and Homestead” website and blog contain our personal thoughts and record our personal experiences, including occasional guest posts. We are not professionals offering advice, we are just common folks sharing our homesteading journey with others.

Severt Hives and Homestead is a farming and homesteading related website, therefore many topics related to animal husbandry, edible plant cultivation, foraging, hunting,  and home based food preservation and cooking may be discussed. This may at times include the documentation through photography and text of the humane and respectful dispatching of livestock animals, processing, and utilizing these animals as food for our family. We do not condone cruelty to or the mistreatment of animals. We are not professional butchers or veterinarians, therefore our experiences are for the entertainment of the reader/ viewer and should not be taken as sound or professional advice.

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